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What Are You Manifesting?

Do you remember last month when I blogged about my Circle of Manifestation?  Well, here we are in month two and this week a few women came to my home to continue this amazing work. Month two our focus was on sharing what had transpired over the last month and releasing what is blocking us on our path to manifest our dreams.  I can tell you that I had so much to share and fear I overshared if being completely honest.  But, the last month has been one of releasing.  I have had issue after issue come up to be cleared and have cleared until it hurt.  

​We talked and colored (thanks Leonie Dawson) and drank cider and my hope was that when everyone left they would dig deep, look at their blocks and see both their goals and the way to get there clearly. But, what if you don't know what you want?  Don't have goals?  No dreams?  I've thought about this many times and was asked that question this week by someone participating in this circle.  

Okay.  Let's be real and honest.  Your dreams, your goals, your visions do not have to be earth shattering - change the world - attempts at manifestation.  They simply DO NOT.  I will share with you my goals from 2015 and you will see what I mean.

Pay off medical debt

Purchase a new bed and mattress

Finish our year of homeschooling

Get clarity on what my kids need educationally

Create a plan to build a business (this part of the goal was not added until July)

That's it.  Now, was this life-changing?  Yes.  For my family the answer is yes.  Did I rock the world and make a statement by setting (and achieving, I might add) these goals?  Well, it depends on whose world you are talking about.  Why am I sharing this with you?

Everyone needs a goal(s) in life.  I believe this.  Your goal is different my goal.  Your goal may be to be the best mom you can be.  Great.  That's your goal.  Your goal for the year may be to clean out every closet in your home.  Great.  Your goal may be to set better daily habits for yourself like make the bed and clean the sink at night.  That's your goal.  Manifestation and goal setting are not about creating enormous goals that are a going to alter the trajectory of every human on the planet.  They are about looking at your life and evaluating what you have (or what you don't have in some cases), prioritizing and working to achieve that life you want.

My goals this year are  much larger than last year.  They revolve around personal goals that primarily affect me and big goals like creating a rock-star business that serves the modern day mystics of the world.  There are big financial aspects to my goals this year.  There are spiritual aspects to my goals this year.  

The point:  what is your heart's desire?  That is your goal.  Big, small, in-between.  Only you know what you need to manifest in your life.  Only you know where you are going.  Clear the mental and emotional clutter, dig deep and find your answer.  Your heart will lead the way.  

Sending big hugs -



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