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Who Heals the Healers?

There is an idea in the world that folks that have their stuff together do it all on their own with no support.  This idea has slapped me in the face over, and over and over and right now, today, I call BS on it. Not that I have the appearance of having it all together (though some say I do), but I need help.  In SO many ways.  That's why in the fall, when I decided to read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, I sent out the call to other women, because I knew I needed their support and I had an idea that they might need mine.  That's why last May, when I attended a large metaphysical conference, I asked Spirit for guidance and was pointed toward vibrational sound healer Shira Hunt and now see her on a regular basis.  That's why this year's manifestation circle is done - well - in a circle of women who are also on the path to seeking all of the good of the Universe (which we need to counteract the bad).  

Over the past few months as my path has begun to once again accelerate I have repeatedly hit a wall and just collapsed on the ground.  It has been weeks of go, go, go with the kids layered with supporting others in their journey, layered with the Universe heaping prosperity upon me with clients layered with..... So, two weeks ago I emailed Shira and made an appointment.  The week of the appointment I repeatedly sat down at my computer to send a cancellation email.  I don't have the time for this or the money.  I shouldn't need this. I just need to plan better or meditate more or whatever to keep myself going.  But, looking back over the week and remember how I crashed on Monday after our manifestation circle on Sunday night, I new I had to go.   The morning of the appointment as Nathan and I were preparing for our day he asked "What are you doing today"?"  Going to see the vibrational healer.  He simply nodded.  It was the kind of nod that is approving and affirming.  The nod that tells me that he knows that I need some support to keep on at this level.

As I got ready to leave I was given a message from my higher self.  Commit.  You have committed to your path. Now you have to commit to have support along the way from others or you cannot continue this work.  So, I committed.  When I wrapped up with Shira, I did something I rarely do.  I made another appointment.  When I say I rarely do this, I mean, I rarely do this.  There is only place I will schedule out an appointment and that is at the dentist.  Not kidding.  Next will be a lymphatic massage with my favorite therapist, and yes, I'll make a monthly appointment with her.  

Today, I challenge you.  Whether or not you consider yourself to be a healer commit to healing yourself today.  Commit to finding that Reiki practitioner or massage therapist or maybe it's the perfect yoga teacher for you.  Whatever it is, find it.  Give yourself this gift as you share your gift with so many others. Look for healing, within and without.  

For me, I know I cannot continue to truly heal and support others unless I am healing and supporting myself.  

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